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HB Allen & Associates - Resume and Interview service organization with over a decade of interviewing/resume development experience. We specialize in capturing on each client’s resume a results-driven professional who would add significant value to any organization.

The HB Allen & Associates team of professionals specialize in resume writing, interviewing techniques, thank you letters, and many other aspects of the interview process leading to interviewing success.

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    A sometimes under-utilized tool that can add tremendous value to a job search when it is fully maximized. We collaborate with clients to utilize networking opportunities within their community and surrounding areas by building relationships, accessing on-line resources and a commitment to achieving your goals.

  • Coaching

    Provide guidance on the following:

    • • How to pivot
    • • Staying engaged
    • • Confidently respond to tough interview questions
    • • The 80/20 Dance
    • • Interviewing tips, tricks, gestures, and filler words
    • • End of interview follow-up

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HB Allen & Associates offers a varied selection of services to assist with the interview process to potentially secure a rewarding job opportunity.

•Exploring Options •One-on-One Consultation •Partnering For Success •Engaging Collaboration •Successful Working Teams •Working Together


Capture the essence of the individual’s experiences highlighting skills, strengths, abilities and accomplishments to be attractive to employers for client’s to secure a new job opportunity.

Cover Letters

A stand-out addition to any resume with an introduction of yourself indicating the position you are applying for, and a few of your competencies and achievements in addition to how those elements can be instrumental in driving the target organization's business performance.

Job Search

One-on-One job search sessions to assist and redirect your job search by creating your “wish list”, focus on your target companies, and possibly look beyond your specialized industry to pursue other career avenues/opportunities.

Career Coaching

Provide keys to discover your talents and what you want to pursue as you look at making long-lasting changes in your professional life. Encouraging guidance as you set and achieve career goals, and with every milestone you add significant value to your growth and development as you position yourself for further career success.

Interview Techniques

  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Research – what and how to research
  • Industry Buzzwords
  • Interviewer and interviewee questions
  • Behavioral questions
  • STAR Strategy
  • The 80/20 Dance

Interview Attire

Do's and Don’ts of presenting your best professional attire to be taken seriously during the interview process.


Engaging and interactive group workshops:

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Build Your Resume
  • Target Companies
  • Research & Presentation
  • Interview Attire & Grooming
  • Interview Style & Questions
  • Networking


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We can help by partnering with you to navigate the time consuming process of producing a professional resume and providing guidance with the entire interview process to assist you in securing your next fulfilling opportunity, while gaining an invaluable interviewing experience

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